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One of Python’s most useful features is that it is compatible with many operating systems. The ability to run on different systems with minimal changes to its code makes Python extremely versatile. For instance, it is often used to ‘glue together’ other pieces of software .

  • That’s why developers enjoy Python in the process of developing ML apps.
  • Python User Groups are places where developers can meet others working with Python to share resources and solutions and cheesy Python jokes.
  • Now I’m learning C# for a boot camp thing and it’s straight up miserable.
  • Hence, developers don’t need to waste time creating basic items.

Pythonists will say a piece of code is bad if “it isn’t Pythonic enough.” This is about as helpful as someone saying your taste in music is bad because “it isn’t cultured enough.” Most programmers will acknowledge criticisms of their favorite language. Instead, Pythonists will say, “You just don’t understand Python.” If you write a single-item tuple but forget the trailing comma, it’s no longer a tuple but an expression.

NumPy is used to implement a wide variety of mathematical operations, from data analysis to data cleaning. Like all great creative tools, you can learn the basics of Python fairly quickly, but mastering it can take years. Сontact Django Stars if you are looking for an experienced Python development team for your project. Another good thing about Python web development is that it has many frameworks that simplify the development process. Depending on what you’re doing, you may need different frameworks. Instagram — a social media platform that relies on Python to allow its 500 mil daily active users to photograph, edit, store, and share their creations in a person digital album.

Do I Need to be Good at Math to Learn Python?

These security features help guard all your startup data against potential security threats. Python can also be used on different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and some mobile operating systems. You’ll be able to use it to create mobile, gaming, Next js vs React or web development programs offering effective day-to-day solutions. You’ll spend less time coding and can even attempt great feats in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence . IDLE is a cross-platform IDE for Python that is written in Python using Tkinter.

You can read in-depth about object-oriented programming in our guide, but for the sake of this post, what’s important to understand is that Python is versatile and fast to use. This makes it excellent for quick prototyping and improved productivity. Python’s easy syntax (i.e. its readability) doesn’t only make it easy to learn; it also makes Python an excellent ‘gateway’ language. As a highly abstract language, it is very intuitive for new learners as it allows you to focus less on the code and more on the programming concepts themselves. These skills are transferable if you ever decide to dip a toe into more complex programming languages. It’s a high-level, general purpose programming language that was specifically designed with simplicity in mind.

The source will compile and run out of the box on most UNIX platforms. A key data analysis tool, pandas is very popular and user-friendly. It enables you to carry out a variety of data manipulation techniques, such as merging and reshaping, as well as data cleaning and data wrangling.

Took the programming community a couple of decades to appreciate Python. But since the early 2010’s, it has been booming — and eventually surpassing C, C#, Java and JavaScript in popularity. We’ve shown that Python is a) in-demand, and b) worth learning.

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That’s why Python receives 3rd place as the most popular technology. 48.24% of developers gave their votes for Help Desk Technician Job Description this language. You can trace back Python’s origin to the 1980s when Guido van Rossum started working on it.

Is Python Actually A Good First Language To Learn as a Beginner ?

Map, as a programming concept, should operate on an abstract sequence of objects. Sure docker isn’t heavily used for countless of services that use other programing languages. I’m not trying to justify this, just that large Python projects point you to Docker for this reason. Every application is a virtualized OS because of dependency hell? The broken scripting language moves into the embedded world, added a host of problems to the already full basket of python failings. Over 1.5M repositories on GitHub and over 90,000 users committing or creating issues in these repositories, Python has the second largest GitHub community.

The Pythonic philosophy that “There should be one — and preferably only one — obvious way to do it.” As someone who loves working within rules and rigid frameworks, I love this philosophy! As someone who writes Python, I really wish Python actually stuck to this philosophy. CodingNomads teaches Python courses that start from the beginning, and go all the way to professional. Growth Marketers’ are now basing their marketing decisions on the analysis done in Python. Businesses are turning away from Excel spreadsheets and towards Python-driven analysis.

The first and most important reason is versatility, which allows it to work perfectly in projects with cutting edge technologies, especially with artificial intelligence and data science. The language has plenty of libraries and packages for both fields, which makes it a great alternative to start projects with solid foundations. According to Jean Francois Puget, a representative of IBM’s machine learning department, Python is the top language for ML and AI projects, and many developers agree. Python has efficient ML packages, tools for visualizing results, and goes way beyond data analysis and other features that benefit this area of application. Python is an open-sourced language, and in recent years has increased in popularity due to its use in data science.

LinkedIn ranked Python a close second among the most in-demand languages for employers. More and more job listings call for Python programming experience. One benefit of Python is that the Python developer community is huge and helpful. Don’t hesitate to seek out the help of a master programmer online for everything from questions on Python basics to getting feedback on your projects or soliciting career advice.

What You Need to Know About Python Programming

It depends if you have coding experience or if you’re learning it as a complete beginner. For those with some coding experience, learning the fundamentals of python usually takes a couple of months, rising to around six months for those without experience. This article was intended to provide a detailed answer How Long Does It Take to Learn to Code and describe the pros and cons of this programming language. Python is dynamically typed, meaning that it executes certain tasks during app runtime that would otherwise be completed in a statically typed language. If your design is loaded with elements, it might stall the program and prevent smooth operation.

is python good

However, not until the 2000s that Python became what it is today. Python is of the general-purpose, high-level, and outstanding code readability. Due to being object-oriented, it allows for writing clear and concise code used in small and enterprise projects.


The tendency says, that further growth is inevitable. But why do we use ML in relation to artificial intelligence? And, with the help of machine learning artificial intelligence can learn and improve its predictions, functioning, and user experience.

This programming language has already been used to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps. Software solutions developed with Python can be built and also can run on multiple operating system platforms. For instance, Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, and more.

I was able to explore so many facets that really inspired me and had, and continue to have, a ton of fun. I built a ton of tools for work that 2-3xed my output and got me promoted. I would always kick myself for starting so late because I remember downloading C++ as a teen and giving up after a week because I didn’t like it . Python is a programming language, and it is good for writing programs.